• Rules for School Van Users   The School has well maintained vans of its own to pick up students from homes (van pick up points) to school and to drop back.
    1.     The vans pick up the students from the allotted van pick up points and drop them after the school hours on the same pick up points. No child will be picked up from his/her door.
    2.     The vans will not wait for the late comers. All van users are expected to be in time at their stops.
    3.     The children should stay peaceful and away from the main road til the van arrives.
    4.     Students will be fined for any damage caused to the van due to their negligence.
    5.     All students availing van facility will deposit their van maintenance charges alongwith the school fees.
    6.     Van maintenance charges are to be paid for all the twelve months of the year.
    7.     Students cannot withdraw their names from the van facility for the months of May, June, Februarys March.
    8.     If a student after discontinuing this facility wants to reavail it after some time during the same academicyear, he/she will have to make payment for the gap period, (if permission is granted)
    9.     No student will be allowed to use school van oneway.
    10.   For any change in the van arrangement, a written request stating adequate reason should be made by the parents.
    11.   The parents should not insist the driver/conductor to stop the van at any point other than the stop fixed by the school.
    12.   In addition to the above the parents are requested to give the following advice to theirwards:

     (i)      He/Sheshould knowthevan no., driver & conductor properly.

    (ii)     Not to make any request for temporary change of Van/Route/Stop as the same is not-permitted.

    (iii)    To reach the stop 5 minutes before the usual time to board the van.

    (iv)    Non-compliance of Instructions, any indiscipline or misbehaviour may compel the school authorities to withdraw the van facility.

     (v)     At the time of boarding please ensure that your child does not move closer to the van until it comes to a complete standstill.

    1.   If the use of van is to be discontinued at any time of the year, one month notice in advance is required otherwise van maintenance charges for the relative month will be charged.
    2.   Standing in the van while the van is in motion is strictly not allowed.
    3.   Students are expected to board the van immediately afterthe school time is over.
    4.   Drinking and eating in the van and throwing waste papers and empty cans either in the van or on the road are prohibited.
    5.   Unruly and unbecoming behaviour and vandalism in the van will not be tolerated. This can result in withdrawal of van facility and other disciplinary actions which include redresal and punitive fines.
    6.   Incase of urgency, if the parents take their child before the school gets over, they must inform transport incharge.
    7.   Children are not allowed to travel by any other van than the one alloted to them.
    8.   Parents are required not to enter the school van and shout at any one. Complaints about driver/ conductor, teacher and student should be made to the Transport Incharge/Administrative officer of the school.
    9.   Younger children are to be seated preferentially. 

    Special Note : Transport will be made available depending upon the number of children from any particular area. In case the school transport is not available, the parents will have to make their own arrangements.