Science Laboratory:

  • The school has well equipped laboratory for Physics ,  Chemistry & Biology dsc_0119
  • Students are taken to these labs periodically and experimental work is well integrated with the theoretical teaching of science.
  • Students are taken to lab once in fortnight for physics,chemistry & Biology. individually.

 Language Lab:

  • A well equipped language lab is used to supplement and support the teaching of English.
  • We do follow Echoes for Soft Skills ( Listening ansd Speaking skills are trained well in this Lab)

 Math Lab:

A Math Lab is a space designed for students to learn mathematics by performing activities and getting hands on experience.dsc_0914

It provides a wide variety of materials to play with and learn the concepts. Math teaching and learning for primary school level (i.e for class Nursery to V) can entirely be done with activities and experiments by students. Math Lab also encourages group learning and co-operative learning among children. It encourages the ‘do and discover’ method of learning, removes the fear of Math and thus complements classroom learning.